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2019 Global Survey Says:
IT Priorities, Budgeting & Cyber Plans at Investment Firms

Eze Castle Integration, in partnership with Microsoft, conducted a global survey to investment management IT decision makers to define industry IT priorities, concerns and spending in 2019 and beyond.

Join us on April 10th to see how your firm's technology priorities, cybersecurity initiatives, outsourcing plans and budget compare to other investment firms.

Some findings to be discussed include:

  • IT is a Strategic Priority: One-quarter surveyed specified IT investment as their top organizational aim, while 46 percent said it was among their highest priorities
  • Project IT Spend: Data security ranked the highest budgetary priority, but what else made the list?
  • Who’s Outsourcing & What? 78% of respondents reported they were currently using managed IT service providers, but is it working?
  • The Security Threats List: Data breaches are top cyber concerns but what else is keeping CXOs up at night?
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
11:00 am EST, 4:00 pm BST

Mary Beth Hamilton, VP Marketing, Eze Castle Integration

Bob Shaw, Director of Technical Architects, Eze Castle Integration