You may download the Product Simulators for Bridgelux LED array and SMD products at no charge by submitting the request below and then indicating your agreement to the Product Simulator License Agreement.  

Please note that the Product Simulators are solely intended to help ease your selection of Bridgelux LED SMD products, and LED Vero, Vero SE Series, and V Series array product families based upon your selection of attribute options for desired drive current or lumen output   The Product Simulators are also designed to help you predict product performance based on the case temperature of the array.  Instructions to help your use are provided as part of the Product Simulators.

The Product Simulators are NOT intended as a design tool for luminaire or fixture products nor intended for the selection of LED array or SMD products to be used as a component in a particular luminaire or fixture application.  Bridgelux disclaims all liability for the results of any product selection through the use of the Product Simulator.

The latest Product Simulators expire June 30, 2019.


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