Thank you for contacting Lab-Aids!

Please complete the form below if:

  • a subscription was purchased for the old platform that is still current.
  • you or a school/district Admin have not already been in communication with our portal team.
  • you are, or know who is, the Admin for your school/district (this is often a System Admin, IT manager, Curriculum Coordinator, etc).

Around 60% of the requests we receive are from teachers who have already been set up in the Lab-Aids system but have not been contacted by their School/District Admin. Lab-Aids can only set up accounts at an Admin level and from there it is the responsibility of that Admin to roster teachers and students. Please consider contacting your school Admin if you have have been waiting more than a week for access. 

Students - you do not need to fill out this form. You will be informed by your teacher when it is time to use the new Portal.



Thank you for providing the information needed to help set your account up on the new portal. When provided all the necessary information, processing generally takes 5-7 business days. Please expect a slight delay during the holiday week.