10 quick tips to sharpen your energy deal 10 quick tips to sharpen your energy deal

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Buying commercial energy should be simple.

At British Gas, we like to make things easier. Our Ten Quick Tips energy guide gives you the key questions to consider when buying energy.

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Helping you get the best commercial energy deal

Simple and hassle-free. That’s how we like to make the process of buying commercial energy. Yet the energy market itself is becoming more and more complex. And it can be hard to keep up.

Our free 10 Tips eGuide offers you quick insights on commercial energy. And if you want more support, our experienced team of business energy specialists are always happy to help you.

Fast facts

What’s watt?

Named after inventor James Watt who developed the steam engine, 1 watt is a measure of power equal to 1 joule per second. Picture a 1-bar electric heater. That would use roughly 1,000 watts an hour, or 1 kWh.

What’s CRC?

The CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Scheme is a compulsory registration scheme for large energy users. It’s a ‘green tax’ with a 2018 compliance cost of over £18 per tonne of C02. The scheme will end in 2019

What’s CCL?

The Climate Change Levy is a tax on almost all forms of energy used in business. The aim is to encourage industry to become more energy efficient. By 2019, the CCL charge on electricity will be almost 0.85p per kWh.

What’s a therm?

A therm is a measure of heat energy – equal to burning 100 cubic feet of natural gas. It releases about 100 megajoules of energy, equal to almost 30 kWh. That’s like boiling the average kettle for about 15 hours

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