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Minnesota philanthropy innovates again: why not invest at home and encourage other foundations and investors to do the same? The foundations who joined together to create the Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative are inspiring others to invest in a competitive financial return and positive social impact across 18 counties.

Emerging initiatives to build equitable, affordable housing

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To learn more about RBC and our
commitment to impact investing,
please visit our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

An estimated 161,000 unhoused individuals live in California, more than a quarter of the nationwide total. While the state’s acute housing affordability crisis is decades in the making, we are at a tipping point to take the steps necessary to turn the tide.

Join us for a session on emerging initiatives to build housing that is affordable and equitable. We'll discuss affordable housing development in the state and explore different investment strategies. Curious about approaches that prioritize people who are disproportionately experiencing the impacts of housing instability? This session is for you.

This session is the fourth in a four-part Philanthropy California learning series for institutional and individual impact investors across California.

Philanthropy California Investment Collaborative is a statewide, place-based impact investing initiative that aims to bring together foundations, public funds, individual investors, and, eventually, corporations to align their existing investment portfolios with grants and loans that support affordable housing, healthcare, small business, and environmental justice in targeted communities.


Martin Muoto, Founder & Managing Partner, SoLa Impact
Martin began personally investing in real estate in South Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, and other neglected communities a decade before these areas became designated Opportunity Zones. Along with Gray Lusk, Martin launched SoLa Impact’s first fund in 2014. His early vision and leadership in creating Opportunity Zone funds that deliver true social impact has led to Martin being featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, the WSJ, the New York Times, and other leading publications.

Ronald A. Homer, Chief Strategist, US Impact Investing and President, Access Capital Community Investment Fund
Ron’s background and extensive experience in community investing enables him to identify a broad range of solutions for clients. He is often sought to consult with leading government officials on a variety of  community impact issues. Before joining the organization, Ron was co-founder and chief executive officer of an investment adviser specializing in community investments that was acquired by RBC GAM in 2008. Previously, Ron enjoyed an extensive banking career including thirteen years as president and chief executive officer of a large bank in Boston.

Deborah N. Ruane, Founder of Norwood Development Strategies and Middlemarch Fund
Deborah N. Ruane is the President and founder of Norwood Development Strategies, a consulting firm that specializes in providing solutions for the creation of multifamily housing to serve workforce families.  Norwood Development Strategies was created to optimize Ms. Ruane’s experience in finance, real estate development and government by facilitating collaborative solutions for developers, financial institutions, and local jurisdictions to address housing shortages in major metropolitan areas.

Michael Chao, Director of California Real Estate Development, Self-Help Federal Credit Union
Michael is responsible for overseeing the expansion of Self-Help’s real estate development activities within the state. Self-Help’s national real estate team has developed over 25 commercial real estate projects totaling over 1.5 million square feet, and invested over $250 million in financing often utilizing NMTCs, HTCs, LIHTCs, and other complex financing structures. Michael’s other work experience includes nearly 20 years of affordable housing development experience at several non-profit organizations in the East Bay and San Francisco.