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The coronavirus outbreak presents us with a challenge unprecedented in recent times. RBC Global Asset Management’s experts are monitoring this complex situation closely, offering perspective on the latest developments – and what they signify for COVID-19’s economic impact.

Insights and Commentaries

COVID-19 Economic Update

#MacroMemo -  October 6 - October 12, 2020:
Economy grinds forward amid second viral wave

The latest insights from our Chief Economist Eric Lascelles on COVID-19 and its effects on financial markets and the global economy.

Video version available here

COVID-19 Economic Updates

CGRI Update

Monthly economic webcast: responding to the second wave - October 2020
Chief Economist Eric Lascelles provides the latest economic update, as countries enter a second, and potentially third wave of the pandemic. Globally, governments are responding to the virus in different ways. Yet, how effective their measures are may depend on their ability to address three common goals: minimizing transmission, maximizing the economy, and normalizing citizens’ daily lives. Eric also weighs in on the short and long-term economic impacts on the U.S. political front, as Election Day nears.

Supply chain risk management in the time of Covid-19
The food we eat, the goods we buy, and the services we use on a daily basis depend upon effectively functioning supply chains. COVID-19 has brought disruption to economies, financial markets, communities, travel, and commerce. It has also brought unprecedented disruption to global supply chains. 

Data privacy and security in the time of COVID-19
How has the spread of COVID-19 impacted data privacy?  How will it change after the pandemic? In this article, we share insights and discuss why RBC Global Asset Management considers data privacy and security to be material ESG factors in its investment decision-making process.

Global fixed income currencies update
Dagmara Fijalkowski, Head of Global Fixed Income & Currencies at RBC GAM, provides an update on the positioning of fixed income portfolios.

Fixed Income Update

ESG Update

Pandemic, ESG and Impact
Even before the coronavirus outbreak, more investors were looking at companies through the lens of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. But now, corporate decisions made during the COVID-19 pandemic regarding human capital, customers and society will carry greater weight. As companies face greater scrutiny during the crisis, ESG factors will now be a key layer of due diligence in evaluating an investment. Join the RBC Global Equity Team for a joint webinar, in collaboration with Black Sun, as they discuss ESG in a post-COVID-19 world, and how investors view responsible investment and ESG.