Some light at the end of the tunnel? The crisis enters a new phase
In this special Market Update, our Chief Investment Officer Dan E. Chornous shares his perspectives on how current market valuations and activities compare to history. He also includes data that provides a lens on investor activity and motivation.

week of 5/10/21

BlueBay - Structured Credit Update: The Resilience of ABS - 5/12/21

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BlueBay: Are We Facing a Debt Reckoning - 4/23/21

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week of 4/5/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 4/6/21

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week of 3/29/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/30/21

BlueBay: Where to take Cover when Volatility Hits - 3/30/21

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week of 3/22/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/23/21

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week of 3/8/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/9/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 3/9/21

week of 2/22/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 2/23/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 2/23/21

week of 2/8/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 2/9/21

BlueBay EMD Commentary: EM advances - 2/11/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 2/9/21

week of 2/1/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 2/2/21

BlueBay Podcast with David Riley: Robinhood, Super Mario and the Power of Science - 2/5/21

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week of 1/25/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 1/26/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 1/26/21

week of 1/11/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 1/12/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 1/12/21

week of 1/4/21

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 1/5/21

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 1/5/21

week of 12/14/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 12/15/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 12/15/20

week of 12/7/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 12/8/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 12/8/20

week of 11/23/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 11/24/20

Goldilocks and the three vaccines: Mark Dowding's Global Macro Update - 11/27/20

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week of 11/16/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 11/17/20

Stimulus can continue to drive markets: Mark Dowding's Global Macro Update - 11/20/20

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week of 11/9/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 11/10/20

A shot at happiness: Mark Dowding's Global Macro Update - 11/13/20

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week of 11/2/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 11/3/20

week of 10/26/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 10/27/20

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week of 10/19/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 10/20/20

BlueBay-Polina Research Notes: EM - Shaped by a Crisis - 10/22/20

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week of 10/12/20

BlueBay-David Riley Podcast:  Deadlines come and go… - 10/16/20

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week of 10/5/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 10/6/20

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week of 9/28/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 9/30/20

BlueBay: Liquidity in Leveraged Finance Markets Podcast with Tim Leary - 9/29/20

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week of 9/21/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 9/22/20

BlueBay ESG Update Podcast - 7/25/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 9/22/20

week of 9/14/20

What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on ESG Investing?  My-Linh Ngo, BlueBay Asset Management - 9/16/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 9/14/20

week of 9/7/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 9/9/20

week of 8/31/20

BlueBay Asset Management: A Positive Month for Credit Markets - 9/4/20

week of 8/24/20

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week of 8/10/20

BlueBay Asset Management: From Bad to Worse - 8/14/20

BlueBay: High Yield Update with Andrzej Skiba - 08/11/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 8/11/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 8/11/20

week 08/03/20

Is Time Running Down on the Summer Rally?: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 8/7/20

week of 7/27/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 7/29/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 7/28/20

BlueBay Video:  Emerging Market Update with Polina Kurdyavko - 07/29/20 

BlueBay Transcript of Video:  Emerging Market Update with Polina Kurdyavko - 07/29/20

BlueBay:  Maintaining our Commitment to ESG in a Year of Change - 07/29/20

week of 7/13/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 7/13/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 7/14/20

BlueBay: Accessing Dislocated Corporate Credit in Emerging Markets - 7/15/20

week of 7/6/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 7/7/20

BlueBay David Riley Podcast: A V-Shaped recovery or a Long Haul?  - 7/9/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 7/7/20

week of 6/29/20

BlueBay: How Three Policy Responses Impact Bank Balance Sheets - 7/2/20

week of 6/22/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 6/23/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 6/23/20

week of 6/15/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 6/16/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 6/16/20

week of 6/8/20

BlueBay Podcast: David Riley -The Dash for Trash - 06/12/20

While statues topple, interest rates remain firmly anchored: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 6/12/20

Getting Paid:  BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary 6/11/20

BlueBay: National champion banks - 06/11/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 6/10/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 6/8/20

week of 6/1/20

BlueBay Podcast, David Riley,
Investor anticipation - 6/5/20

Lovers & Haters: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 6/5/20

Rebounding:  BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary 6/4/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 6/3/20

BlueBay: Expect the Unexpected - 6/2/20

BlueBay: Convertible bonds: a unique opportunity to position for a post-Covid recovery - 6/2/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 6/2/20

week of 05/25/20

Policymakers are holding up markets, but can they fly much higher?: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 5/29/20

Reopening: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 5/28/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 5/26/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 5/26/20

week of 05/18/20

Caution, Contention and Collapse: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 5/22/20

A Game of Snakes and Ladders: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 5/22/20

BlueBay Podcast:
Investor Anticipation - 5/20/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 5/20/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 5/20/20

week of 05/11/20

BlueBay Podcast:
The Market Implications of
Easing Lockdown - 5/15/20

The Irresistible Force and the Immovable Object: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 5/15/20

Retracing: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 5/14/20

Banks & the Covid-19 Crisis 5 Things to Know - 5/14/20

BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Update with Polina Kurdyavko - 5/14/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 5/12/20

week of 5/04/20

Talk is cheap: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 5/7/20

Recovering: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 5/7/20

BlueBay Podcast: Emerging Markets Update - 5/6/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 5/5/20

Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo 🎥 - 5/5/20

week of 4/27/20

BlueBay’s David Riley:  Central Bank Domination Podcast - 5/1/20

A complex journey out of lockdown lies ahead: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 5/1/20

Rolling contracts: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 4/30/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 4/28/20

week of 4/20

Podcast: Update from BlueBay Asset Management’s CIO - 4/24/20

As dystopia becomes the new normal, further policy easing
will be required: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 4/24/20

Oil’s future: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 4/23/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 4/21/20

EMD: Coronavirus crisis Q&A with Polina Kurdyavko - 4/20/20

week of 4/13

Recovery will be a gradual process: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 4/17/20

From contagion to containment?: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 4/16/20

Structured credit: Market update & opportunity set - 4/16/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 4/13/20

week of 4/6

BlueBay Asset Management, High Yield: Where to from Here?  - 4/9/20

High yield: Where to from here? - 4/9/20

Podcast: Update from Mark Dowding, CIO - 4/9/20

Lockdown Will Relent...but Progress Won’t Be a Straight Line: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 4/9/20

Big (Bad) Data: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 4/9/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 4/7/20

Podcast: The end of the sell off? 4/6/20

week of 3/30

Lockdown to End Late April, Before We all Go to the Dogs?: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 4/3/20

Podcast: Emerging Markets Update discussion with Polina Kurdyavko - 4/3/20

Monetarily Stimulating: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 4/2/20

Podcast: Leveraged loan performance discussion with Marc Kemp - 4/2/20

Investment grade credit – default risk, fallen angels and valuations - 3/31/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/30/20

week of 3/23

Podcast: Grounds for cautious
market optimism - 3/27/20

COVID-19 and Small Cap Stocks - 3/27/20

PEPP(a) PIGS: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 3/27/20

Under Pressure: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 3/26/20

Podcast: Fundamentals and Fallen Angels with Marc Kemp - 3/26/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/24/20

European AT1: Coronavirus market impact and outlook - 3/23/20

High yield credit – valuations and returns from a historical perspective - 3/23/20

Podcast: Global High Yield discussion with Marc Kemp - 3/23/20

week of 3/16

Podcast: Market update – where do
we go from here? - 3/20/20

Identifying the Turning Point: Mark Dowding Global Macro Update - 3/20/20

Central Banks Ramp up Stimulus, Governments Follow Suit: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Update - 3/19/20

Podcast: Looking Beyond the Near Term - 3/18/20

COVID-19 Economic Update From Eric Lascelles’ #MacroMemo - 3/16/20

week of 3/9

Volatility Endures: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary – 3/12/20

Opportunities in Cocos - 3/10/20

COVID-19 Economic Update – 3/9/20

week of 3/2

Let's Get the Panic Over: Mark Dowding Global Marco Commentary – 3/6/20

Spreading Wider: BlueBay Emerging Market Debt Commentary - 3/5/20

March 2020 COVID-19 Economic Update - 3/3/20

Update on the Wuhan Coronovirus (COVID-19) and investment implications – 3/3/20

COVID-19 Outbreak Shocks Economy and markets: Eric Savoie Market Update – March 2020

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COVID-19 Economic Updates

The coronavirus outbreak presents us with a challenge unprecedented in recent times. RBC Global Asset Management’s experts are monitoring this complex situation closely, offering perspective on the latest developments – and what they signify for COVID-19’s economic impact.

Insights and Commentaries

Market Update

Eric Lascelles
Economic Outlook

🔊 Economic Outlook and MacroMemo
Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist, RBC Global Asset Management
, shares his economic outlook as the COVID-19 news develops. Lascelles offers a detailed reading of health as well as economic data, analyzing the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic and its likely effect on the global economy.

Economic Webcast

Pushing past the third wave
Chief Economist Eric Lascelles says good pandemic news across much of the developed world foretells continuing recovery. 

The Dynamics of Downturns

Today's Volatile Markets in Historical Perspective
Listen to Daniel E. Chornous, Chief Investment Officer, RBC Global Asset Management as he looks beneath the headlines to come to grips with current market volatility. Chornous puts today's trading in context, providing perspective on the dynamics of market downturns.

Economic Implications of the New Era

10-Minute Take: Eric Lascelles
Governments are engaged in massive relief programs in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. After the crisis passes, then, there will be more debt. In this conversation, Eric Lascelles offers perspective on the economic implications of the new era.

Investment Perspectives

Structured credit in unstructured times
Please join us and listen in on the latest thought leadership commentary from Sid Chhabra, Head of Structured Credit and CLO Management - BlueBay Asset Management, as he discusses market reactions stemming from the COVID-19 virus and how the after effects have created compelling investment opportunities. Sid provides insight into the unprecedented levels of spread widening and price dislocation across the structured credit universe and helps investors navigate through the asset class.

A Matter Of Values

Quarterly Investor Update
RBC GAM’ Jeremy Richardson believes the values that the best companies demonstrate at times like these may eventually lead to increased economic value.

The Brave New (EM) World

Emerging Market Debt Insight
Polina Kurdyavko, Partner and Head of Emerging Markets at BlueBay Asset Management, comments that Emerging Markets investors have had to take a crash course on investing under the COVID-19 reign and plummeting oil prices. In this short white paper, Kurdyavko considers how to best position portfolios in these uncertain times.

Emerging Markets After the Pandemic

Commentary from the Emerging Markets Equity Team
From supply chains to consumer behavior, there will be many economic changes facing the world going forward. The RBC Emerging Markets Equity Team reviews its investment themes to see how they fit into the new order of things and what adjustments might be needed.

Extreme Volatility and the Impact on Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Update
RBC’s Philippe Langham, Head of Emerging Markets Equity, and Laurence Bensafi, Deputy Head, Emerging Markets Equity, give a presentation discussing emerging markets and the current volatility. The presentation looks at valuations, earnings and currencies as well as the opportunities and risks that face emerging markets during times of uncertainty.

The Importance of Country and Credit Selection Podcast, BlueBay Asset Management

David Riley, Chief Investment Strategist at BlueBay Asset Management, explains the significance of the recent Fed measures in this podcast that also touches on the expected duration of the rally in risk assets, the potential path of the economic recovery and the outlook for emerging markets. 11 minutes

COVID-19 and Quantitative Investing

In this conversation, RBC Global Asset Management's Global Head of Quantitative Research & Investments, Jaco van der Walt, and Head of the Quantitative Investments Team, Bill Tilford, consider the recent market volatility from a quant point of view. Tilford and van der Walt give examples of quantitative risk mitigation measures they are taking, and they also discuss the impact the crisis may have on economic growth and investment going forward.

Global Equities: From Risk to Uncertainty and Back Again

Insights from the Global Equity Team
As a result of the pandemic, RBC Senior Portfolio Manager Jeremy Richardson argues in this webcast, we have moved from risk into a season of uncertainty. Richardson suggests that  shift away from maximum efficiency and just-in-time delivery may augur for more stability in the supply chains of the future. Finally, at a time of very light economic activity, he concludes with the reassuring thought that the value of corporations is generally to be found mainly in future years rather than the present.

Governance in the Time of COVID-19

Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Team
COVID-19 is affecting a great many areas of life, and corporate governance is no exception. In this white paper, RBC GAM’s Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment team explains how the pandemic is testing corporate boards across all their areas of responsibility, from risk oversight, to compensation, to communication. The piece is the first in a series that will discuss the interplay of COVID-19 and responsible investment.

Thinking Out Loud, from Recession to Recovery, BlueBay Asset Management

Whitepaper and Podcast
David Riley, Chief Investment Strategist at BlueBay Asset Management offers a framework for thinking about the severity of the current global economic recession and the possible path to recovery. It is intended to highlight BlueBay’s thoughts on the shape of the recovery and some of the key uncertainties influencing the economic outlook. Want to hear more from David? Click on the podcast link above.    

COVID-19: The Investment Aftermath

🎥 Macroeconomic update
RBC GAM’s Chief Investment Officer Dan Chornous discusses the markets and COVID-19. The health threat from COVID-19, which is still very much alive, may now have peaked, allowing attention to gradually include a focus on the extent of the economic disruption. After so momentous a period, what might the future have in store?

A Rational Rebound, BlueBay Asset Management

In this white paper, Andrzej Skiba, Head of US Credit at BlueBay Asset Management, answers investors’ high yield questions during this time of crisis, addressing central bank action, the impact of oil and how to position for rising defaults. The previously released podcast can be found here.

Data Privacy And Security In The Time Of COVID-19

In light of the corona virus, remote work has skyrocketed and the digital realm seems more important than ever – which makes data privacy and security a topic of particular urgency.

Market Update

Virus-induced recession met with unprecedented stimulus
In this concise update, RBC GAM’s CIO Daniel E. Chornous and Associate Investment Strategist Eric Savoie examine current market conditions. They look at US and global stock and bond markets and provide a quick survey of COVID stimulus packages across the globe.

🎥 Insights from Global Equity Team
RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Senior Portfolio Managers Jeremy Richardson and Ben Yeoh, in a joint webinar collaboration with Black Sun PLC, discuss ESG in a post-COVID-19 world, and how investors view responsible investment and ESG. Topics discussed include what ESG information investors are looking for and how they use it, and how high quality ESG disclosure will allow for better comparisons and enhance decision-making in the long term. 60 minutes

ESG: Is it now more important than ever?

Market Insight

Refinancing of EM Debt post COVID-19 slowdown
The global slowdown brought on by COVID-19 has led to dramatic repricing of financial assets globally, with emerging market (EM) debt being hit particularly hard. The scope of this whitepaper written by Polina Kurdyavko, Head of Emerging Markets, and Som Bhattacharya, Portfolio Manager, of BlueBay Asset Management covers hard currency sovereign debt refinancing.  

Emerging Markets Domestic Consumption after the Pandemic

In a new webinar, RBC GAM Deputy Head of Emerging Markets Equity, Laurence Bensafi and Portfolio Manager, Zeena Dahdaleh review the market and discuss the likely effect of the pandemic on domestic consumption in emerging markets. An accompanying whitepaper has also been released, entitled The Future of Emerging Markets: Domestic Consumption.

Employee Management in the Time of COVID-19

The current pandemic has shined a spotlight on companies' employee management practices. This whitepaper by our Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment team examines trends in employee management that have emerged since the global spread of COVID-19 began.

Global Equity

🎥  June 2020
In his monthly video, RBC GAM Senior Portfolio Manager Jeremy Richardson looks at how the pandemic has brought the “S” in ESG investing to the fore. The social component of ESG seems particularly pressing at a time when companies are being asked how they are treating their stakeholders and broader communities. 

Supply Chain Risk Management in the Time of COVID-19

A video and accompanying whitepaper from our Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment team explore the many ways that the pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in the global supply chain and the likely changes that may be made as a result.

Responsible Investment Update

In this podcastMelanie Adams, Vice President and Head, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment at RBC GAM, discusses the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment process. Adams also gives an update on shifting ESG risks and opportunities in the
wake of COVID-19. 27 minutes.

BlueBay High Yield Credit Update Podcast and Podcast Transcript

Andrzej Skiba, Head of US Credit at BlueBay Asset Management, shares his views on several topics related to the US high yield market, including the US outperforming Europe in May, fallen angels, high yield within emerging markets and current portfolio positioning. 8 minutes.  The transcript to the podcast is available as stand-alone content.             podcast      transcript

Global Equity

🎥  July 2020
Senior Portfolio Manager Jeremy Richardson considers recent developments in social media -- and offers a preview of the second half of 2020.

David Riley Economic Outlook

🔊 Economic Outlook 
David Riley, Chief Investment Strategist of BlueBay Asset Management, answers questions pertaining to key market themes that have emerged lately, including the weakness of the US dollar and the increasing price of gold. 19 minutes

BlueBay: Post Covid, Pension Funds Need to Cast a Wider Net 
Blair Reid,
Senior Portfolio Manager of BlueBay Asset Management, discusses the prospect of a stop-start economic recovery and whether flexible mandates with a ‘go-anywhere’ remit could be the optimal approach

Global Credit

Tim Leary, Portfolio Manager of BlueBay Asset Management updates us on high yield’s positive summer run, what might be to come in the default cycle and how influential ESG really is to leveraged finance investors.
High Yield Summer Run Podcast           High Yield Q&A

Global Credit

Market Update

September Market Update
RBC GAM’s Chief Investment Officer Dan Chornous and Associate Investment Strategist Eric Savoie examine current market conditions, including the rebounding of economic activity and future global GDP growth trends given the continuing threat of COVID-19.

What COVID-19 Means for ESG

The pandemic has had deep impacts on many aspects of life, and ESG investing is no exception. This piece from the RBC GAM Global Equity team looks at the many ways coronavirus has prompted a fresh look at ESG.  

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on ESG (BlueBay Asset Management)

September 15
In this brief paper, BlueBay Asset Management’s My-Linh Ngo assesses the state of ESG in light of the pandemic. COVID-19 has brought a delay to certain areas of progress, but over time Ngo expects ESG efforts to resume and accelerate. 

Convertible Bonds: An Asset Class set to Shine in the Post COVID-19 World (BlueBay Asset Management)

March 8
Pierre-Henri de Monts de Savasse, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Zain Jaffer, Portfolio Manager, provide a refresh of a December whitepaper on why convertible bonds could outperform in a low rate environment with elevated volatility.   

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