Evolution of Identity, The (ID) Proof of Risk

November 19, 2020 1:00 pm CST / 2:00 pm EST Your Desk!

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There are more than 250 million people working in the United States at any given time, 10% of whom are non-employee, alternative workers like contractors, freelancers, and other third parties.[1] That represents a lot of people requiring access to company resources to do work. In this age of digital transformation and automation, add to that the estimation that non-human, digital workers like bots, IoT devices, and other systems far outnumber human workers, and we have a very large population of diverse identities and access to manage.  

While employees are often closely examined within identity programs, these other populations are often overlooked. Considering that non-employees and digital workers now account for over half of the access granted within an organization, neglecting them as part of an identity program creates a huge gap and opens organizations to considerable risk, particularly since these populations generally get the most privileged access. 

What You'll Learn During this Discussion

Join renowned IAM expert David Lee as he spearheads a discussion on the evolution of identity, how the landscape has shifted and how identity programs and technology will evolve to support this shift. David along with panelists; Jeremy Rohrs, VP of Global Strategic Alliances at SecZetta; Aubrey Turner, Executive Advisor at Ping Identity; and Toby Emden, Managing Director of Identity & Access Management and Data Security at Edgile; will chat about the explosion of non-employee and non-human identity populations and the convergence of risk and identity.

Moderator & Panelists

David Lee

IAM Expert

Toby Emden

Managing Director of Identity & Access Management and Data Security, Edgile

Jeremy Rohrs

VP of Global Strategic Alliances, SecZetta

Aubrey Turner

Executive Advisor, Ping Identity

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