Women in Identity: Empowerment Through Cybersecurity

October 20, 2020 1:00 pm CST / 2:00 pm EST Your Desk!

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If you consider the top ten professions dominated by women, you will find focus on education, healthcare, and lifestyle – all with a theme of service and care for others. What you won’t find on that list is anything in the realm of cybersecurity or identity security. 

The truth is, cybersecurity and identity security get a bad rap. Security measures can make day-to-day operations more difficult and the changes are generally viewed as forced on the business. Well-intentioned controls put in place to reduce risk and improve security result in end users that feel oppressed and fight hard against the changes. Adoption decreases, workarounds abound, and the value of the initiative and supporting technology is severely diminished. 

Cybersecurity is hardly a profession that inspires feelings of helpfulness or service. How do we shed the stigma and shift this perception from control and restriction to enablement and empowerment?

What You'll Learn During this Talk

Attend this panel discussion, moderated by Jen Kraxner, senior solutions advisor at SecZetta, to learn the key requirements for this shift from identity and cybersecurity leaders: Mary Ann Blair, Chief Information Security Officer at Carnegie Mellon University and Lori Robinson, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy at SailPoint. 
This panel will cover:

  • Their journey as leaders in cybersecurity and the importance of diversity and inclusion to build successful teams and lead successful projects
  • Lessons learned from challenging cybersecurity and identity security projects
  • The importance of collaboration for successful adoption of new technology and processes
  • How digital empathy plays a key role in cybersecurity and identity initiatives

Moderator & Panelists

Jen Kraxner 

Senior solutions advisor- SecZetta (Moderator)

Mary Ann Blair

Chief Information Security Officer - Carnegie Mellon University

Lori Robinson

Senior Director of Product & Market Strategy - SailPoint

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