Four Questions for Your Industrial Liquid Mixer Manufacturer

For over 25 years Brawn Mixer has applied design and engineering expertise for some of the most demanding environments in the liquid processing industries. Here are four questions we love answering from our customers that you can use to evaluate the right mixer for your application. 

How Will You Evaluate Our Application?

Evaluating the entire process chain in important to correct mixer specification. A thorough application review will take into account risk factors that extend beyond the mixing operation alone to ensure each mixer contributes positively to overall quality, safety, and optimization goals. Applicable standards from all major regulatory bodies, including the FDA, cGMP, USDA, and USP also need to be identified and reviewed for additional compliance management needs, including operating, installation, and service manuals, engineering drawings, and process and instrument diagrams. 

What Are Your Full-Line Capabilities?

Understanding supplier capabilities will avoid surprises down the line. Often, applications that require additional support structures, tanks, specialty impellers, or custom design require more than a general-industrial mixer and stand. Knowing whether your supplier can provide  comprehensive application engineering, design, and fabrication services is important for project planning ahead of time. 

How Will Your Mixers Integrate Into Our Process?

Whether there are existing operations or new lines, suppliers will need to integrate other local process equipment, or operation-wide SCADA systems for process control and reporting. Increasingly, as isolated islands of process equipment are being replaced or upgraded with integrated systems, and mixers should be configured to interface with these systems with minimum complexity. Additionally, supplier installation and service teams can help provide onsite support for startup and commissioning.

What Are Your Testing Capabilities?

Recognizing that many applications rely on the effectiveness and precision of mixing and blending process as much as they rely on component ingredients, comprehensive testing protocols are a requirement. Tools like computational fluid dynamics software help engineering develop solutions for even the most challenging applications, while dedicated testing facilities enable refinements to those models for optimal performance. 

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