Utility User Tax Revenue Trends

Coping with COVID-19 across California's Cities

Local governments are constantly reacting to the challenges and regulatory disruption caused by COVID-19.

Changes in consumer usage have caused an upward trend in Utility User Tax revenue for many jurisdictions across the country, and Avenu tax experts have identified specific opportunities to help offset other revenue shortfalls caused by the recent pandemic.

This short presentation will include:

  • A legal and legislative review related to digital goods and Internet Tax Freedom Act
  • Identifiable trends related to all local tax revenues
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Utility Usage
  • Unique opportunity to offset revenue shortfalls
  • Avenu’s Utility User Tax Program

Ensure compliance and maximize these critical revenue streams today!

Webinar: Utility User Tax Revenue Trends

10:00 AM PST — August 5, 2020

Presented by:

Jonathan Gerth
VP, Audit

Avenu Insights & Analytics

Fran Mancia
VP, Government Relations
Avenu Insights & Analytics