Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting

CAFR Statistical Report Services


Local governments are often presented with various mandated challenges, and usually face these challenges with limited resources and direction.

CAFR Statistical Section Report Services fully comply with local governments’ annual GASB No. 44 content and presentation requirements.

Access exclusive reporting on principal employers. Reduce the burden of data analysis on your team members. Maintain consistent reporting, year after year. CAFR by Avenu delivers reliable community insights for continued perspective and peace of mind.

Basic Package

  • Assessed & Estimated Market Value (city-wide, city-only and/or RDA)
  • Direct & Overlapping Property Tax Rates
  • Property Tax Land Use Distribution
  • Principal (Top 25) Property Tax Payers
  • Principal (Top 25) Sales Tax Producers

Additional Reports

  • Direct & Overlapping Debt Report

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