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Businesses around the world are finding innovative ways to put the global economic engine to work for society and the environment, not just profits. These leaders are using the power of business for good — and you can follow their stories and experiences to make an impact where you work and through the companies you support.

Take the natural beauty-products company whose network of consultants and clients are advocating for and achieving better health laws. Or the cooperatively owned home health care provider that provides dignified work and the rights of ownership to an often underappreciated and underpaid worker population. Or the solar provider inspired as much by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel-powered electricity as a means of addressing climate justice for citizens on the forefront of climate changes in the tundra.

These are the stories we share each week in B the Change Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to sharing the insights and lessons from people on the forefront of finding the ways to build a better world for all through the power of businesses. These are the leaders in verified, transparent impact—the leaders of the businesses of tomorrow. 

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