Improving Your Score on the
B Impact Assessment


Using business as a force for good? Interested in exploring B Corp Certification?

In order to be eligible for B Corp Certification a company must score a minimum of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment. Watch this recorded webinar to gain tools for increasing your impact in the areas of governance, workers, environment, and community while simultaneously improving your score on the BIA. 

Recorded on May 10th, 2016

Hosted by:
Jessica Friesen 
Growth & Engagement at B Lab

Increasing Your Impact & Improving Your Score on the B Impact Assessment

Ben Anderson, Director of Community 
Ben oversees the team serving and growing the B Corp community in the U.S. and Canada. Ben joined B Lab after a career as a social entrepreneur, most recently serving as COO at Preserve, a leading sustainable product company. Preserve, a Certified B Corp, is best known for turning yogurt cups into toothbrushes. Ben received his BA from Williams College and MBA from Babson. Originally from Boston, Ben is now based in B Lab's San Francisco office. 

Jessica develops strategies to grow and engaged the community of Certified B Corps through technology and marketing solutions. With an MBA from Boston University and a background in nonprofit consulting and social entrepreneurship, Jessica creates pathways for businesses to measure their impact and join an amazing movement of B Corps changing the world through business.

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Erik Kivimäki, Standards Analyst  
As a Standards Analyst on the Review Team at B Lab, Erik Kivimäki helps companies and funds through the B Corporation Certification and GIIRS rating processes. Erik has a master's degree in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and has previously worked in management consulting.