Hybrid Microgrids: Physical/Economic Modelling & Analysis Workshop Series

The first in the series, Workshop 101: Introduction to Microgrid Modelling and Analysis will take place on December 7, 2020 from 1-5 PM ET.  Please register to attend.  The complete series will continue in 2021. Sign up to be notified when registration opens.

Coming in January

Workshop 201: Using Model and Economic Value to Move to Next Tier of the Microgrid

2.1         DER additions, registering assets

2.2         Model as foundation for Digital Twin

2.3         Economic savings utilizing the Digital Twin

2.4         Economic Optimization – Full value of Market Participation


Coming in February

Workshop 301: Power Engineering – Complete Power Flow Analysis

3.1     Power Flow Analysis

3.2     Short Circuit Analysis

3.3     Protective Device Coordination Analysis

3.4     Arc Flash Analysis

3.5     Transient Stability Analysis

3.6     Harmonic Analysis    


Coming in March

Workshop 401: Micro/Nanogrid Modelling Practicum

4.0    Modelling Practicum - This session is designed to provide participants with practical work experience. It will reinforce the learning from the first three workshops of learning by doing. The workshop will involve actual use of modelling software where participants can transfer their knowledge to actual work and understanding of the tiered approach to microgrids.  Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that lower level workshops be considered a prerequisite for this higher-level session.