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Join us online on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 as we discuss the latest in analytics with our experts. Learn new ways to explore your data with the IBM Analytics capabitlties that will let you understand what is happening with your data like never before. Explore key topics like AI, Business Analytics, Financial & Operational Performance Management, and Advanced Analytics. Regardless of where you are in your analytics journey, join us to see how your organization can benefit from these latest analytics trends.
Learn From Our Data Analytics Experts

When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

9:45 am

Registration - grab your headsets and get ready to learn everything that IBM Analytics has to offer!

10:00 am 
Best Practices in Budgeting & Planning with IBM Planning Analytics
Presenter: Brian Simpson, Practice Lead - FOPM, Newcomp Analytics 

Gain knowledge on how IBM Planning Analytics is able to help your organization with budgeting and financial forecasting and provide more faster and accurate analysis and insights for business decisions.

10:30 am
AI in BI: Augmented Intelligence in IBM Cognos Analytics
Presenter: Leah Hosteler, Senior Product Manager Cognos, IBM Analytics Canada

Data is everywhere, but it's only as useful as your ability to find answers from it.  Long the purview of the data scientist, data exploration has been made more and more accessible to business users thanks to modern BI tools, but barriers remain.  The latest release of Cognos Analytics removes these barriers thanks to the power of augmented intelligence. The all-new IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 introduced a plethora of new features and capabilities that allow IT, data scientists and end users to explore, model and report on data in ways never before attainable for the average business. The addition of AI in the IBM Cognos Analytics solution made these advances possible.

Join this session to learn about some of the exciting new AI-driven capabilities in IBM Cognos Analytics that significantly reduce the complexity of data preparation and data visualization, and making it easier for managers and directos in just about any business to use advanced analytics to make better decisions.

11:00 am 
IBM Watson API & Services
Presenter: Nadine Boucher, Data Science and AI Leader, IBM Analytics Canada

There are many ways you can get started with IBM AI regardless if you are a small, medium or large enterprise.  As with other IT decisions, you’ll choose a mix of do-it-yourself and pre-built capabilities for applying AI to your business.  During this session we will discuss how IBM Watson pre-build capabilities allow you to get started quickly and easily with AI by going over (and demonstrating) some of the most common use-cases :

  1. Customer care/service or helpdesk virtual agents 
  2. Call Center Analytics 
  3. Customers/Users Satisfaction Understanding 
  4. Expert Assist Systems 

11:30 am 
Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler
Presenter: Lee Cratchley, Data Scientist Technical Team Leader, IBM Analytics Canada

Predictive Analytics can help business uncover relationships and patterns within large volumes of data that can be used to predict behavior and events. Join us for this session to see for yourself what it's like to apply the power of predictive analytics

In this session, we will introduce you to many of the powerful features and capabilities of SPSS Modeler, and explain how they can help you:
- Explore patterns and trends in your data
- Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
- Segment and classify your customers
- Build predictive models

In the end, you'll see how SPSS Modeler can help businesses identify and target the customers that are most likely to buy a particular offering. As a result, you'll get an introduction to how simple it can be to turn data into sales - provided that you have the right tools.


12:00 pm

End of Session