Case Study: EFPR Group, LLP Saves 30 Minutes Per Tax Return with Wolters Kluwer’s Powerhouse of Integrated Solutions

Challenge: EFPR Group, LLP needed a way to reduce time spent on tax returns.

Solution: The firm uses CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite solutions in order to save more than 30 minutes per 1040 tax return, which frees up staff to provide better and allows the partners to focus on profitability and growth.

“It was exciting to bring CCH ProSystem fx Scan with AutoFlow [Technology] and the other solutions out to a broader group. You can’t do more with less without taking advantage of technology like Scan with AutoFlow. As it becomes more and more difficult to recruit and retain great people, the technology advances have helped us fill that gap.”
— Healy

“Pushing more work down to admins will save more of our professionals’ and partners’ time. If we can gain another 10 minutes on each return, that’s a huge savings because we do close to 5,000 individual returns a year, so that would add up quickly.”
— Zarzycki

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