How many times each day are you interrupted by a client or a member of your staff wanting to know the status of a project? Imagine that you could always provide an immediate answer — or better yet — they wouldn’t even need to ask. Our latest white paper — Digital Workflow Tracking: A Better Way to Work — will walk you through three steps to more efficient workflows:

  1. Digital Route Sheets: Automate routing of work from step-by-step and fileholder-to-fileholder eliminates the need to physically move work around the office and ensures that assignments can’t get “lost.”
  2. Pools of Work: To facilitate easier management of “unassigned” work, set up pools based on various attributes such as status, office, project template, complexity and priority.
  3. Set Up Project Templates: When you use project templates configured for specific workflows, the result will be more consistent workflows, staff members who understand exactly what needs to happen next for each project and clients who receive a consistently high level of service for every engagement.


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