Improve Your Sales and Use Tax Compliance to Grow Your Business

As a sales and use tax professional, you wear many hats. 

You are a problem solver, a revenue contributor, and a risk mitigator. You add a lot of value to your company, but you still face challenges that impact your job and pose significant risks to your organization.

You are not alone.

Many professionals in your position face the same issues and some of them have successfully overcome them.

Download this white paper to find out what other sales tax professionals are doing about handling audits, leveraging automation and supporting business goals. Get insight into what leading companies do to stay on top of compliance and improve their SUT workflow.

You’ll be in good company.

Section 1 summarizes the business impact from sales tax compliance challenges. It reinforces the importance of understanding sales tax as businesses look to expand.

Section 2 highlights the challenges facing sales tax professionals.

Section 3 focuses on how top organizations have addressed those difficulties
to free up resources, reduce audit risks and reinvest in the business.

Section 4 provides best practices to improve SUT compliance.

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