The Organic Wine Market 2013-23 – Video

IWSR Senior Consultant Giles Gough presented findings on the Organic Wine Market 2013-23, a study commissioned by SudVinBio for MillésimeBio 27-29 January 2020.

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About the speaker: Giles Gough

Giles Gough headshot

Giles joined the IWSR in 2011 having obtained a master’s degree in Modern Languages. Initially employed to research French and German-speaking markets, he has subsequently reported on several major European countries, as well as Australasia, North Africa and the Caribbean.

Giles spent two years overseeing IWSR wine research before joining the Customs Analytics team. As Senior Consultant he is involved in bespoke research projects, which include customised database creation, strategic assistance, innovation, and feasibility studies.