Clutches, PTO's and Pump Drives

Produced & shipped from Lufkin, TX

From land-based power transmission products and standard power take-offs to mechanical clutches and pump drives, our fast, focused, and friendly Lufkin team is ready to provide you top-notch service with industry-leading delivery times. 

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It is important that our customers can depend on our integrity and our accountability. It is also important that our customers know that we are trustworthy and loyal to their needs.
Sunie, Customer Service Coordinator

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When it comes to Lufkin, you'll find a factory focused on the products you need.

It's important to not just know our products theoretically, but to know practically how they go together so we can find the best Twin Disc Solution for our customers. 
Wade, Design Engineer for Industrial Products

We understand your business and we thrive on razor-thin timelines.

The ultimate goal for me is that our products make their way to the customer, and they have pride in what they see.
-Dalton Massey, Production Supervisor