The most advanced cellular live video transmitter in the industry. Used for sport production, news broadcast and live streaming. With picture quality up to 4K p50/60 at 3Mbps or 1080p50/60 at 800Kbps, your live transmission will always remain reliable whatever the environment conditions. H.264/H.265 encoding, global modems, 5G-ready, bi-directional IFB and more.

Offers internet speed up to 200Mbps from anywhere, by aggregating data from multiple connections: cellular 4G/LTE, satellite, ethernet, Wi-Fi, cable. Ideal to get a boost in connectivity for your heavy file transfer and live video transmissions, even in the most crowded and remote environments.

TVU Anywhere is the mobile broadcasting app. reference for high-quality live transmission and streaming from remote location, used by thousands of mobile journalists and live streamers.