AI Insight recently launched an exclusive E&O program with Integro Insurance Brokers to

help you mitigate risk and lower E&O premiums. In just two months, our mutual clients are

experiencing reduced premiums and broader coverage, and we wanted to share these success

stories with you. 

Cover AI Insight subscription costs & get improved E&O coverage  

           to the coverage offered on their current policy at a comparable cost.

by $20,000 - well over their AI Insight subscription fee, plus adding valuable research,

training and documentation benefits.  

realizing a savings that covers their entire AI Insight subscription fee.    


Get the benefits your peers are taking advantage of now

Capitalize on your investment in AI Insight and Integro Insurance Brokers with improvements to your E&O policy and rates. It's easy to get a quote quickly. To get started now, fill out the form below or contact our Customer Care team. We're available at 877.794.9448 ext. 710 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET or any time at