Virtual Reality: Levels of immersion

May 11, 2017

5:00 p.m BST | 9:00 a.m. PDT

Register below to book a place on my webinar and live Q&A session, where I’ll give you a peek into an R&D project from Foundry’s Research Team on light-fields for positional VR experiences.

We’ll look at the first stages of a test production, in partnership with Surrey University and Figmentation Productions, covering:

  1. Volumetric capture
  2. Post-production in Nuke and playback in Unity
  3. Some of the lessons learnt along the way


Jon Starck, Head of Research

Jon leads research on visual computing, developing cutting edge tools that extract meaningful data from images to accelerate artist workflows in correcting, modifying and rebuilding shots for high-end visual effects. He is responsible for developing core computer vision technologies, building internationally leading products (NukeX, Kronos, Ocula), exploitation of technology with OEM partners and setting up funded research projects to explore new areas of technology for the film industry.