Manage Your Org from Anywhere with the SalesforceA Admin App!
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Joshua Schneyer
Senior Product Manager

Mike Gerholdt
Admin Evangelist

David Perez
Salesforce Administrator

Learn how to administer your Salesforce org from anywhere using the SalesforceA mobile app! Join us as we explore the newly redesigned SalesforceA and learn how to get system updates, reset password and/or edit users, freeze & unfreeze users, and even access the Answers community using this incredibly useful app created specifically for Salesforce Administrators.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to login & navigate the new SalesforceA Mobile App
  • Use SalesforceA to connect to Salesforce Trust, Answers, Release Notes, Admin News & Events, and even Trailhead!
  • Get insights on what’s coming next for SalesforceA

Intended Audience

This session is geared towards existing Salesforce Admins that want to learn about how to manage Salesforce orgs from their mobile devices.

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