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Every year, governments across Australia lay down their spending plans through the annual Budget process resulting in several hundred senior public service executive positions being created, moved, modified or merged.

It’s a process which by its very nature requires agencies to either seek new candidates for senior positions or, at the very least, make senior roles contestable by opening them up by putting them to the market.

It’s a challenging time for both agency executive teams and their preferred executive search and placement firms: post-Budget, mainstream press channels are often crammed with state and federal ads for open positions, diluting cut-through and access to talent.

Passive talent: it’s time to concentrate audience and focus attention

There is a compelling alternative to mainstream media to complement public sector executive recruitment opportunities.

The Mandarin, pitched wholly and solely at the top echelons of the federal and state public services, is Australia’s most concentrated pool of 75,000 monthly readers that spans across agency Secretaries, Deputy and Assistant Secretaries, all Senior Executive Services, and ambitious and rising executive level leaders in-waiting.  

Kept up to speed by The Mandarin’s potent daily email, The Juice, it’s the primary source of professional intelligence for those who practise the craft of public administration irrespective of who’s in power.

The comings, the goings and the shifts and deeper plays that really matter beyond the superficial.   

Plan now to capture your unfair advantage

If you’re serious about attracting the attention of brightest and most capable talent from a highly concentrated pool of elite public sector officials, who would ordinarily flip straight past newspaper display job ads, now is the time to start looking at the options for executive recruitment post-Budget.  

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This is your prime opportunity to not only get ahead of the pack, but to drive value for your recruitment marketing dollar harder than ever before.

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