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The volatile global threat environment, evidence of national state activism, global and domestic terrorism threats, surging identity fraud, and the recognition of the vulnerability of government and key infrastructure to cyber attack, are causing all public agencies to significantly upgrade their resilience and security capability.


To meet this vulnerability the federal government has consolidated its civilian cyber resources into the new Home Affairs portfolio, and is looking for all government agencies and infrastructure operators to harden their core systems and adopt best security practice across the full gamut of their operations.


This comes as the federal government has set ambitious whole-of-government goals to deliver high performance digital services to citizens, communities and business across the country.


Join us for an executive leadership workshop for agency leaders with mandates around security, information and data management and governance. We will be focussing on the strategies, technologies and best practices available to agencies and governments to ensure the integrity of key systems, sensitive data and infrastructure.


The two hour workshop is designed for technical and non technical executives and managers wanting to stay up to date on how governments and agencies, locally and overseas, are adapting to the new cyber world.


This will include new design approaches, such as zero trust networks and cloud platforms like govCMS, plus a focus on how new technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, are helping to secure networks and information assets.


The seminar will be hosted by the Mandarin’s publisher Tom Burton and include a presentation from the new head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Alastair MacGibbon, who will be outlining the road map for the agency and the new Home Affairs arrangements.  The chief digital officer at the Digital Transformation Agency, Peter Alexander, will be detailing the work around the Trusted Digital Identity Framework and its implications for government agencies managing identity. US cyber technology expert, Ari Weil, will also be giving an overview on how international jurisdictions are approaching the new global cyber threat environment and the technologies they are adopting.  



Alastair MacGibbon

Alastair MacGibbon is Deputy Secretary National Cyber Coordinator and joined the Department of Home Affairs on its establishment from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Alastair leads the implementation of the Government’s Cyber Security Strategy, transforming Australia’s cyber security landscape to realise the economic and social benefits of a cyber resilient nation. As Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, and the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, Alastair drives the creation and strengthening of partnerships between Australian Governments, private sector, non-governmental organisations and academia to deliver national cyber security capacity and capability.

Ari Weil

Ari Weil is the VP of Product Marketing for Akamai’s Web Division.  As a hands-on executive with experience across various management and operational disciplines Ari focuses on Akamai’s security, performance, and cloud migration strategy and brings over 15 years of cross-functional enterprise management expertise to his role.  His key areas of focus include cloud migration, adaptive security, and modern application architectures.

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander is the chief digital officer at the Digital Transformation Agency. Peter will be talking about the DTA's identity work and the deployment of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework, a frame work to establish the management of identity across the economy. 



When Thursday 19 July 2018
YellowEdge, 8/9 Sydney Ave, Barton ACT 2600
Time Seminar and breakfast to be held 8.00am – 10.00am

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Please note, invitations are for public sector executives only. If you are unable to attend and believe a senior agency colleague could benefit, please send your request through to Nicklas. There is no charge to attend, but seats are limited so RSVP is required for attendance.

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