Business Intelligence in the Private Hire Taxi Industry: Harnessing the power of data to ensure operational excellence

Analytics is Autocab’s business intelligence solution, built to help private hire taxi and limousine owners understand their business, make informed decisions and measure the impact of the changes they make. Analytics shows what’s working and what’s not, from start to finish, across the entire business, all in real time.


"Analytics really marks a turning point in the evolution of the private hire taxi industry in that, for the first time, business owners have a true 20/20 holistic view of their entire business."

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The eBook, Business Intelligence in the Private Hire Taxi Industry: Utilising data with Autocab Analytics to ensure operational excellence, is your first step towards truly taking control of your business.
Learn how to:

  • manage customer experience in real time
  • influence what’s happening right now
  • turn data into better customer experiences
  • use Analytics to track driver performance, and
  • find out about some Autocab customer success stories.