Botify Keywords: Where Technical SEO Meets the Power of Keywords

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Botify Keywords: Where Technical SEO Meets the Power of Keywords


Get full visibility into the search ranking process

Botify just released its newest innovation, Botify Keywords. With the addition of Botify Keywords, the Botify platform reconciles the power of real rankings from Google Search Console with technical SEO. For the first time, SEOs will be able to analyze and combine technical SEO and content indicators with ranking data in a single platform. Stop searching for data across several tools and learn how Botify can give you a complete understanding of your SEO performance in one place.

Register for this webinar and discover how Botify Keywords empowers you to take control of rankings with unique Botify graphs that show you search intent, user behavior and device-specific KPIs. See how the unbeatable combination of multi-award winning platforms, Botify Analytics, Botify Log Analyzer, and Botify Keywords in Botify’s full-service SEO platform provides visibility into the entire search ranking process.

In this webinar you will discover how the Botify platform can show you:

  • Search intent behind real Google queries (not scraped keywords)
  • Trend detection and user behavior
  • Mobile-first graphs and fully customizable device-specific dashboards
  • Keywords and page segmentation
  • How technical SEO elements, crawl budget and content quality are affecting rankings


Head of US Professional Services