Create the Perfect SEO Dashboard with Custom Reports

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Create the Perfect SEO Dashboard with Custom Reports


Analyzing and comparing KPIs, implementing changes, and monitoring impacts on traffic are all parts of an SEO manager's everyday work. Custom Reports give you the power to put your high-impact SEO metrics front and center so you can take action and drive results.

Build Strategic Custom Reports

Discover how you can design your ideal SEO platform. The first of its kind in the industry, Botify's new Custom Reports is a game-changer for enterprise SEOs.

Build your ideal dashboard with only the metrics & charts you need in one cohesive view. Ideal for communicating within or across teams, your personalized reports allow you to focus on your unique projects and goals with specific KPIs relevant to your analysis.

Create your personalized SEO platform

Discover how to manipulate technical SEO chart and graph elements to create the view you need for everyday management or one-off analysis.

Use Custom Rerports to develop project-specific dashboards, or to easily compare desktop vs. mobile traffic, identify broken links and their crawl impact, analyze non-compliant URLs across a variety of KPIs, track an HTTPS migration, or assess site performance at a glance.

Join us to learn more about this brand new addition to Botify Analytics - and to see how you can create a personalized technical SEO platform to take your optimizations to new heights.

In this webinar, you'll see:

  • An introduction to Custom Reports
  • How to create your own personalized dashboard
  • A few examples of exciting use cases

Listen in now to be the one of the first to discover this exciting new feature!


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