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See why 450+ top brands from 30 countries trust Botify to deliver real rankings and technical SEO metrics in one unbeatable platform.

Botify is the premiere content and technical SEO platform for enterprise companies. Built by SEOs for SEOs, this innovative, award-winning solution unifies, for the first time, ranking data with the most advanced content quality and technical SEO KPIs.

Unmatched visibility into search performance empowers marketers to drive revenue and rankings by taking control of the metrics that matter.

Three tools, one powerful technology
The combination of our multiple award-winning applications: Botify Analytics, Botify Log Analyzer, and Botify Keywords is the source of our superior search insights.


Botify Analytics
The world-leading crawler giving SEOs the ultimate technical SEO and crawlability insights.
Botify Log Analyzer
The only web server log file analysis application dedicated to SEO. It demonstrates how a well-optimized crawl budget can impact SEO performance.
Botify Keywords
The only solution that reconciles real rankings with technical SEO for every ranking page on a site.


During the Demo:

See how Botify captures exactly how Google is crawling your site. Is the search engine spending crawl budget on low value pages? Is it missing AMP pages? How often is it crawling strategic pages on your site?
See how Botify helps you understand the health of your site. What is the percentage of duplicate content on the site? How is site speed affecting rankings? How does mobile performance compare to desktop?
Identify ranking opportunities informed by 500+ content and technical SEO metrics within one powerful tool. How many pages have high impressions and low CTR? How are rankings different on different devices?