Discover Realm Platform 2.0

Everything you need to know about building better apps with the Realm Platform

Presentation Description

We’re excited to announce Realm Platform 2.0. It’s a major step in the evolution of Realm, and brings many new features and improvements.

Get a clear and practical overview of the Realm Platform and its top use cases in this presentation and demo, led by Realm senior executives Alexander Stigsen and Paul Kopacki. They’ll highlight core components and features, will discuss real-world use cases, and explain how Realm fits within today’s mobile architectures.

You’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of how to deliver offline-first experiences, better app performance, killer collaborative experiences, edge computing, and more.

This recorded presentation will cover:
  • A high level overview of the Realm Platform 2.0, including the latest features
  • The most common customer use cases for Realm, and how they are architected
  • A practical walkthrough of Realm Studio, the cross-platform command center for Realm

  • Alexander Stigsen
    Alexander Stigsen
    Alexander Stigsen is Realm’s CEO, co-founder and chief architect. An experienced mobile systems engineer, he founded Realm after years spent working on databases and operating systems at Nokia.


    Paul Kopacki
    Paul Kopacki
    Paul is Realm’s CMO and leads Realm’s customer success team. With experience at Salesforce, Heroku, Apple, and Sencha, he’s worked with mobile development teams at companies of every size, from tiny startups to massive enterprises.
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