Real-time Content Updates in Your Mobile Apps

RealmContent: Adding New Content to an App Was Never This Easy

White Paper Description

Modern mobile apps must be able to react to changes on the server. Forget about manual refresh actions, apps should allow users to ‘know’ without asking. But achieving this kind of performance is not easy or straightforward, especially when you are dealing with multiple data formats, or with content that is frequently updated and changed.

RealmContent and the Realm Platform will allow you to quickly add real-time CMS capabilities to your app via the Realm Browser app. Adding and updating content in an iOS App was never this easy.

The component works mostly automatically while it allows for a lot of customization. It saves developers time and drudgery of implementing the underlying plumbing themselves or from having to roll out a new version to change in-app content.

The recorded presentation with extended Q&A will guide you through:

  • Adding dynamic content management system to an iOS app
  • The open source code, so you can take the app for a spin yourself
  • The integration of Realm Platform in an app

  • Led by Marin Todorov

    Marin Todorov
    Marin Todorov
    Marin is an independent iOS consultant and publisher. He’s co-author on the book “RxSwift: Reactive programming with Swift” the author of “iOS Animations by Tutorials”. He’s part of Realm and Besides crafting code, Marin also enjoys blogging, teaching, and speaking.