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Realm Mobile Platform Overview

A flexible platform for creating offline-first, reactive mobile apps effortlessly.

Realm CEO, Alexander Stigsen, and Director of Product, Adam Fish, outline some of the challenges faced by businesses as they strive to meet mobile users' expectations.

In this video we cover how the Realm Mobile Platform:

  • Eliminates network challenges,
  • Simplifies data architecture, and
  • Unlocks existing infrastructure.

Prefer reading? Get an overview of the Realm Platform in PDF form here.


Alexander Stigsen Formerly a Nokia systems engineer, Alexander Stigsen is CEO & co-founder of Realm, a mobile database for iOS and Android, designed to help app developers build fast apps, faster. Realm is a YCombinator startup based in San Francisco with funding from Khosla Ventures, Scale VP, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, and more.

Adam Fish Adam is the Director of Product at Realm, where he manages the product development for currently supported mobile platforms and upcoming new products. He has a strong background in entrepreneurship and software development, having previously co-founded Roobiq, a mobile-first sales productivity app used by sales teams worldwide.

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