CA's Clean "Energy Bill" of Healthcare Webinar 

This webinar gives California's OSHPD compliant facilities an overview of the recent regulatory changes in California’s solar market and step-by-step guidance for incorporating solar energy into an existing energy management strategy.

After watching this 30 mins webinar, staff and administrators will understand the major factors hospitals should consider when looking to invest in solar energy. The webinar also includes a deeper dive into two completed healthcare solar installation case studies, exploring each installation, how they were financed, and the key lessons learned. 

The CA solar healthcare webinar covers:

  • Status of the CA Energy Market that will impact timing for solar
  • NEM 1.0 status and what we think version 2.0 will look like
  • Impact of the declining Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Why solar is perfect for healthcare
  • Solar financing solutions for healthcare
  • Solar system design for healthcare  
  • RFP Best Practices- Things to watch out for and to include
  • Solar metrics and how you to measure success

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