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Expanding Our Understand of Complex Genomes with SMRT® Sequencing

De Novo Assembly of a Complex Panicoid Grass Genome using Ultra-long PacBio Reads with P6-C4 Chemistry
Robert VanBuren, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
2014 SMRT Grant Contest Winner

Genome Assembly Strategies of the Recent Polyploid, Coffea arabica
Susan Strickler, Postdoctoral Researcher, Boyce Thompson Institute
Arabica Coffee Genome Consortium

A Genome Assembly of the Domestic Goat from 70x Coverage of Single Molecule, Real-Time Sequence
Timothy P.L. Smith, Research Chemist, USDA-ARS
Genome Assembly and Iso-Seq Transcriptome Sequencing of Tetraploid Cotton
Michiel van Eijk, Chief Scientific Officer, Keygene N.V.