Improve Interactions with Patients, Families, and Coworkers

  • Interactive video-based virtual experience simulation
  • Identify the impact of individual actions on patient care
  • Identify individual behavior and choices that enhance relationships, healthcare and achieve high quality patient care
  • Predict appropriate leadership decisions that can result in long-term positive patient outcomes




Understand the Impact of Your Actions on Patient Perception of Care

This program was created to provide healthcare workers with an opportunity to explore and understand the impact of their actions and attitudes on patient care and the perception of patient care. It encourages the development of critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to improve interactions with patients, their families, and other hospital workers. Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulation, or VEILS® enables users to assume the roles of 5 different healthcare employees, make decisions for these characters, and experience the consequences of their choices. In order to receive credit for completion of the course, users must make a defined number of correct “major” decisions for each character played, leading to a positive outcome for each character, which ultimately determines their “winning” outcome.

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“Anatomy of Care is terrific. Showing real stressful situations and making the decisions really opened my eyes. Sometimes we are not aware of our behaviors. It is helpful to see that little changes can make
a big difference in communications.”

Charge Nurse, Washington Hospital Center