Use the Voice of the Patient to Enhance Care Experiences

NarrativeDx is an artificial intelligence platform to help hospital leaders and care providers hear the voices of their patients. Using natural language processing and machine learning, NarrativeDx takes unstructured comment data collected from patient satisfaction surveys as well as internal and online feedback sources to provide actionable insights. Use NarrativeDx to improve the experience, drive patient referrals, increase revenue, and boost your organization's reputation.

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"NarrativeDx allows me to operate like the Cleveland Clinic--as if I had four data scientists working for me. The system gives us actionable insights that we can prioritize and put into practice. I have been able to shift from hours behind a desk collecting and analyzing comments to being out where I need to be with patients, staff, and physicians." - Bridget Alston, Sr. Director of Patient Experience, Palisades Medical Center

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Product Profile

Hear the voices of your patients like never before with NarrativeDx. This artificial intelligence platform provides actionable insights from patients' comments that results in less time behind a desk and more time where it counts--with patients.



Case Study

Hearing the voices of your patients is key to improving experiences, but it is hard to do. HackensackUMC Palisades, a 202-bed hospital in New Jersey urgently needed to identify what areas needed improvement, what actions to take, and how to prioritize action plans considering their patients' perspectives. Read how NarrativeDx provided solutions to their problems.



     White Paper

Hospitals that provide a superior patient experience bring in 50% more revenue than those that provide even an above average experience. In this white paper, learn how truly listening to the voices of your patients affects your bottom line.


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Ensure you have the most competent staff. Develop an effective competency program with our industry leading HealthStream Competency Center, built with over 3,400 clinical and non-clinical competencies across the continuum of care.