Improve Patient Experience Through Better Physician Communication

  • Evidence-based interpersonal skills training
  • Practical, easy to implement recommendations
  • Interactive learning with case studies and audio narration
  • CME-accredited

Using Empathy and Patient-Centered Communication to Build Relationships

The Astute Doctor COMMUNICATE Program is a suite of 8 CME-accredited online courses that improve physician-patient interpersonal communication and enrich the patient experience. The program addresses many of the quality measures evaluated in CAHPS surveys with evidence-based techniques to deliver empathic, patient-centered care.

Delivered in an engaging audiovisual experience, Astute Doctor courses expedite learning through narrated animations, case studies and interactive diagrams. Our courses help physicians make the most of every patient encounter by enhancing their ability to show courtesy and respect, to listen attentively and explain things clearly to patients.

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Physician Feedback

91% likely to use techniques from courses

86% will use course strategies with 20+ patients per month

89% agree the course content will improve communication


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Course Demo
Learning with Astute Doctor is an engaging audiovisual experience.

Astute Doctor courses are highly visual and fully narrated. The courseware includes animations, realistic case studies and interactive diagrams.

Take a look at this example course chapter to experience the online learning format used to present the content.

Course Overviews
Astute Doctor courses cover many aspects of the physician-patient encounter.

Download the overview document for more information on the courses.

  • Building Strong Patient Relationships
  • Eliciting Patient Outcomes
  • Patient-Centered Information Gathering
  • Maximizing Patient Understanding and Recall
  • Motivating Patients
  • Setting Manually Agreed Goals
  • Managing Difficult Patients
  • Cross Cultural Communication

The Impact of Communication on Healthcare Outcomes

In this eBook, clinicians share their experiences in communicating with patients and we explore the importance of effective communication for improving patient care.


Product Profile
Astute Doctor COMMUNICATE Program

This suite of 8 online courses provides practical recommendations to physicians that can improve communication through quality education.