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The Patient Experience:

It's Everyone's Responsibility

The patient experience is more important than ever before and hospitals need efficient and effective training solutions designed to give their entire workforce the tools required to succeed in this new environment. The learning experts at Xcelerated Learning Dynamics (XLD) are transforming healthcare education by helping organizations elevate their performance with effective, comprehensive, and personalized learning programs developed using research-based methodologies and instructional design best practices. Learn more in our white paper: xcel-HCAHPS: A New Approach for Improving Patient Satisfaction.

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Learner Feedback:

92% of learners stated that the training was relevant to their job

88% of respondents said they are likely to apply what they learned to their job 

85% of respondents reported a positive learning experience


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HCAHPS - Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System

Our suite of HCAHPS courseware is designed for busy hospital environments. It incorporates real life scenarios and is offered for all roles involved in patient interaction. Click the link below to access the Intro to HCAHPS Course Demo. 



Course Demo 
CG-CAHPS - Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Clinician & Group Survey

Our suite of CG-CAHPS courseware is ideal for educating your network of physician offices. The content, which incorporates real-life scenarios, is offered for all roles involved in patient interaction. Click the link below to access the Intro to CG-CAHPS Course Demo.


Product Profile
CG-CAHPS Curriculum: Improve Results with Role-Based Training

Also available is xcel-CGCAHPS, which includes curriculum that reflects the composites measured by the CAHPS Clinician & Group surveys. Like xcel-HCAHPS, initial learning paths differ by job role and can be customized to meet the needs of a particular organization. Click the link below to learn more. 



Product Profile
HCAHPS Curriculum: Improving the Patient Experience

The xcel-HCAHPS program, developed by the experts at XLD, is an innovative new learning approach designed to improve patient satisfaction scores in hospitals with its research-based, competency-driven, accelerated learning platform. Click the link below to learn more.