Achieving an Unparalleled
Patient Experience

and a Culture of Caring Through Exceptional Communication

Healthcare professionals are under more pressure than ever to effectively tackle the challenges of patient experience, patient safety, employee engagement, market share, cultural transformation, CAHPS, and more. Addressing each challenge one-by-one can be effective, but overwhelming. Language of Caring offers a solution that impacts all of your priorities. Our solution: communication skill building. Our communication training and coaching solutions for staff and physicians hardwire the skills necessary for making empathy and compassion palpable and fulfilling the promise of patient and family-centered care.



“Language of Caring for Physicians is helping my colleagues share the empathy and compassion that they felt when they took the oath in medical school. Delivering a great experience to patients, by its nature, delivers a great experience to us.”
Jeremy Blanchard, MD, Intensivist and Chief Medical Officer
St. James Healthcare

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Language of Caring for Physicians

Improve patient trust and engagement, support optimal outcomes, and increase physician job satisfaction.




Language of Caring for Staff

Build skills that support patient-centered care, employee engagement, and patient outcomes through this evidence-based skill-building program.




Caring Communication

Clinicians need to make their caring commitment to their patients and their families explicit in words as well as actions.



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Last week, I was waiting at the doctor’s office. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Several times, the receptionist told me, “It won’t be long.” But it seemed excruciatingly long…