Join SAM and TradeSmith in Clearwater Beach

Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Florida
March 8th - 4:30pm

Seats are limited


Join us for a fireside chat with SAM Chief Investment Officer Austin Root and the CEO of TradeSmith Keith Kaplan. The event will be followed by a cocktail reception where you can mingle with some members of the SAM team.

Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Hotel
Wednesday, March 8th


What We Do

As a registered investment advisor we are focused on putting client interests first, while giving you access to many investments and risk management tools typically reserved for institutional investors.

SAM believes in multi-asset class investing, and invests not only in stocks and bonds, but also in less traditional asset classes such as commodities or real estate. Unlike many money managers, we’re not limited to narrow market categories (e.g. US stocks and bonds only) or simple asset allocations (e.g. a split between stocks and bonds based on your age).

Meet the Team

Led by Austin Root, the SAM Investment Team is comprised of a group of professionals with a combined 80+ years of global markets and investing experience.

See their biographies here


More About TradeSmith

TradeSmith’s suite of powerful investment tools and in-depth research empowers the individual investor to take control of their financial future. Whether an investor is just starting out on their investing journey or is already a seasoned pro, the experience at TradeSmith will make anyone a better investor.

Over the last two decades, discoveries in the field of behavioral finance have won the Nobel prize. These awards address the same problem identified by another famous investor, Benjamin Graham, when he said, “The investor’s chief problem and even his worst enemy is likely to be himself.”

In short, TradeSmith helps individual investors and traders conquer many of the very same problems identified by those recent Nobel prize winners.

More about Keith Kaplan

Keith Kaplan, the CEO of TradeSmith, is a veteran software architect with 25 years of trading and investing experience. He is recognized for his work in financial technology, bringing easy to use software platforms to the general public to gain an edge on investing institutions.

Keith speaks frequently to large groups of investors nationwide focusing on the psychology of investing and how our behaviors are the #1 factor in our investing success. He has set out on a personal mission to provide the tools and education that anyone can use to make smarter, potentially more profitable investing decisions.