5 Ways a Leading Midwest Hospital Saved $20M and Transformed the Value of Patient Access

Learn how KSB Hospital reduced denials, increased accuracy rates and saved $20M in revenue

KSB Hospital took a hard look at their patient access department and realized that status quo had to go.

Read the case study to learn how KSB prevented $800,000 per month in denied charges, saving the organization $20 million in revenue.

Using AccuReg EngageCare Provider for automated quality assurance, real-time eligibility and benefits verification, and price estimation and payments, KSB:

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AccuReg, the market leader in patient access, provides health systems and hospitals with a single platform that integrates patient access, intake and engagement. Utilizing an advanced rules engine, intelligent automation and intuitive digital tools, our platform alleviates staffing challenges and improves patient satisfaction by enabling patients to digitally engage with administrative and financial aspects of their care. Patients complete error-free pre-registration and registration, use a digital front door and virtual waiting room at check-in, make payments from guaranteed accurate price estimates and communicate bi-directionally in real time. We ensure the data integrity required to reduce denials, collections and write-offs to protect net revenue. AccuReg was ranked #1 2021 Best in KLAS® for Patient Access and ranked #1 by Black Book Market Research in Patient Access for four consecutive years.

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