Price Transparency Success: Comply with Requirements, Increase Pre-Service Revenue, Delight Patients

Get the How-To Guide for Meeting Compliance, Increasing Cash and Delivering Patient Estimates

Between looming price transparency compliance deadlines, the global COVID-19 pandemic and consumer demands for visibility into the cost of their care, the way patients engage with their healthcare is changing. And hospitals must change, FAST.

Get your copy of the eBook to learn why shifting to digital patient engagement and offering patients access to accurate estimates of out-of-pocket costs is the right thing to do, despite compliance deadlines.

Download this eBook to learn:
  • What requirements your hospital must meet and how to help ensure compliance by the Jan. 2021 deadline

  • Why price transparency should be a priority regardless of compliance requirements and how it benefits both the patient and the hospital

  • How to meet the demands of today's digital-centric healthcare consumers and offer a more positive patient experience by providing accurate, out-of-pocket cost estimates

  • What technology solutions hospitals can implement to meet compliance requirements, satisfy patients and increase POS collections to get paid faster, at a lower cost

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AccuReg provides front-end patient access solutions that enable hospitals to increase cash collections and deliver price transparency. Our cloud-based suite uses exception-based workflows, a QA rules engine, intelligent benefit validation, accurate price estimation and complete authorization management to improve revenue capture by preventing denials and collecting more cash at the revenue cycle’s front-end.

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