Strategies for Delivering Price Transparency That Matters

How To Empower Patients, Collect More Cash and Comply with the New Mandate Using Cost Estimates

Get your copy of the eBook from price transparency and patient access leader, AccuReg, to learn how to provide the out-of-pocket costs patients want, increase cash collections and avoid a $100,000 compliance fine.

In this eBook, you’ll get expert insight on the strategies you can leverage to:

  • Provide patients with actual transparency into the cost of their care

  • Enable patients to make educated healthcare purchasing decisions

  • Understand compliance requirements for the price transparency mandate

  • Increase POS collections

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Drive more patients to your door!


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AccuReg provides front-end patient access solutions that enable hospitals to increase net patient revenue and deliver price transparency. Our cloud-based suite uses exception-based workflows, a QA rules engine, intelligent benefit validation, accurate price estimation and complete authorization management to improve revenue capture by preventing denials and collecting more cash at the revenue cycle’s front-end.

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