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Digital Flexo Suite ROI Calculator

Calculate the annual savings your organization can realize by implementing Esko's Digital Flexo Suite. Simply fill in your annual plate consumption and operator cost for a rough calculation.

ROI Calculator

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Plate wastage reduction %
Automated plate cutting min
Cutting mistake reduction
Plate room labor reduction
Plate wastage reduction
Press downtime reduction

Esko plate making & mounting software

The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through the automation of the flexo plate production. It is a collection of Esko's plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

The Digital Flexo Suite adds a flow of information to plate making. Automatically, instantly and with computerized accuracy a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting and data files are made for mounting.


Comparing the costs of when we had to send out 10-15 sets of plates each week, the CDI is more than paying for itself. We’re obviously getting great turnaround, quality, and cost savings.Bruce Menzies, Vice-President, U.S. Product Labels, USA
With Digital Flexo Suite, we can cut a plate in a few seconds and it fits the first time. There's no double cut; I don't have to worry that the plates aren't going to fit.Jeff Cassell, Graphics Manager, Interstate Packaging, USA
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