Checked by NSF™

Working with companies to reopen and stay open with COVID-19 controls

Checked by NSF™ means that participating organizations have worked directly with NSF’s public health professionals to implement appropriate measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 among their employees, visitors and guests. Organizations and individual locations authorized by NSF to display the Checked by NSF™ signage have met the requirements detailed below, which were developed by public health experts.


What does Checked by NSF™ mean?

Phase 1 – Plan Development and Review

Phase 2 – Implement and Operationalize Plan

Phase 3 – Stay Open and Continuous Improvement

Listed Facilities

Organizations displaying Checked by NSF™ signage

To report expired signage or unsafe COVID-19 conditions at a facility displaying Checked by NSF™ signage, contact NSF at

For information about getting your facility listed, visit our business website or email

Who Is NSF? NSF International was founded in 1944 to protect and improve human health. NSF is an independent, global public health organization providing scientific testing, inspection and certification services in 180 countries.