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Mobile Device Penetration Testing - 5 Days
Comprehensive Course Package Includes:
WAPTT01 5 Days of Intensive Mobile Pen Testing Training $--
WAPTP01 Use of Pen Testing Lab - 5 Days $--
WAPTE01 Nightly CTF Exercises $--
WAPTB01 Proprietary InfoSec Text Book and Lab Book $--
WAPTM01 Pen Test Methodology Book $--
WAPTS01 Pen Tester's ToolKit Software Suite $--
WAPTI01 Continued access to Instructor/Materials $--
WAPTR01 Re-Sit Guarantee $--
WAPTF01 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks $--
  Total Before Discount $--
  Standard Discount $--
  Your Total $--