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2016 Predictions for Wearable Technology

Smart devices, smart people, smart factories

Hands-on workers with smart devices are where the rubber meets the road

In 2016 IoT, smart tools and big data for industry will come together in a real, tangible way, thanks to wearables. Completing this last-mile loop between people, machines, and data will be the most significant driver of the next wave of industrial change, investment, and innovation.

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What we saw in 2015

  • An industry and hardware pivot toward enterprise: Glasses, watches, wearables in general. There was a basic recognition that what makes wearables unique is their ability to operate hands-free – and that businesses value this a lot, consumers not so much.
  • The future seeds of AR were planted: Lots of announcements and news around Hololens and Magic Leap. This is still a long-burn cycle but down the road we'll look back at this year as when AR first climbed out of the primordial ooze.
  • Operational deployments of various devices working their way through the system: Enterprise technology initiatives take about a year to work their way through the cycle. The first wave of companies are exiting this process now. Next year, we’ll see increasing depth of enterprise wearable solutions ingrained in daily operations, connected to systems and machines and part of the fabric of operations.

What we'll see in 2016

  • Slow motion collision of IoT and Wearables
  • The year of the Smart Factory
  • Wearable adoption grows 6X in enterprise
  • Wearables shake off Frankenstein and start to drive hardware design
  • Even the simplest things at work will get smarter
  • Next Year's gifts will be touched by a wearable worker
  • Intel makes its presence felt in wearables