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Total Economic Impact Study
Improve Productivity, Quality, and Safety with Skylight

Skylight Drives Costs Savings with Connectivity

Making today’s business processes faster, higher-quality, and safer have clear and direct benefits, but that is just the start. Wearable technology is a new technology platform for the hands-on workforce–and when combined with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it has the potential to completely transform areas of industrial businesses which haven’t significantly changed in decades. 

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Recently APX Labs commissioned a market research study to understand the state of enterprise wearable use. What we found was that smart glasses, when combined with Skylight, directly impacted the operating cost structure of the business.

Discover how customers save with Skylight:

  • An aerospace company has improved its assembly process by 30%, driving its defect rate to nearly zero
  • A manufacturing company has improved its material handling transaction speed by 30-50%
  • A telecom company has improved field service by reducing work order time by 5% and lowering its error rates by 15-20%

Check out this report to learn more about the economic impact of enterprise wearables.