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Total Economic Impact Study
Improve Productivity, Quality, and Safety with Skylight

Skylight Drives Costs Savings with Connectivity

Expectations around enterprise wearables are running high these days. The promise of reducing process time, effort, and re-work while also improving quality, safety, and workflow is exciting. But adoption can be seen as a major sea change for some global organizations.

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The good news? A wide variety of industries are already using wearables and experiencing a positive ROI by speeding up tasks and eliminating wait and idle time – from the oil field to the plant floor. See for yourself – download our exciting new market study, The Total Impact from Using Skylight.

Discover how customers save with Skylight:

  • An aerospace company has improved its assembly process by 30%, driving its defect rate to nearly zero
  • A manufacturing company has improved its material handling transaction speed by 30-50%
  • A telecom company has improved field service by reducing work order time by 5% and lowering its error rates by 15-20%

Get the insights you need from this ROI model and white paper to find how your enterprise can benefit from wearables.